Bald Eagles, Gulf State Park

These pictures were taken over the past three months in Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, AL. My oldest son and I were walking on the park trails when we spotted an adult bald eagle fishing in Lake Shelby. Naturally, we became very curious about the eagle and we kept returning to the lake to try and catch another glimpse. By talking with people we passed on the trail, we learned about the location of this massive eagles’ nest. The nest has been there for years and the eagles return each winter. The park naturalist has posted signs to keep people from disturbing the eagles by getting too close. Visitors to the park are fascinated by the eagles’ nesting activities, so the park supported an eagle scout project to build a viewing platform. The viewing platform is up and usually full of quiet observers. If you live nearby or will be visiting for spring break, you are in for a treat. As you flip through the pictures, notice how quickly the eagle’s go from little, light grey balls of fluff to much darker and larger eagles. The juvenile eagles are so large today, it can be difficult to tell them apart from the adults without the aid of binoculars or a telephoto lens.

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