Your Water

You know that your tap water doesn’t magically appear when you turn the knob, but where does it come from? I’m not talking about the water treatment plant either. I am talking about your local fresh water source. Your tap water comes from a river, lake, reservoir or an aquifer. Learn about your local fresh water source and visit it, if you can. Appreciate it and care for it because you depend on it. You won’t want to see people dumping toxic waste into it or even tossing their trash in it. That’s your water. Take your children to visit it and teach them to care for their water. It might seem like such a small thing, but what if all communities cared for their fresh water sources? Would the health of those communities improve? Would their level of awareness increase? Would they begin to see the impact we directly have on the health of our environment and the connection to our own health? I think the answer is yes. It starts with you. You, the individual reading this, have the power to make a fundamental change in the way we think about our natural resources. Start with your water. Start today, and share this with someone close to you.

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