Great Blue Herons

There are a ton of great blue herons in the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area. They are beautiful birds with long necks that contort in ways that completely change their shape right before your eyes. If you see a fisherman, there is at least one great blue heron nearby. They are resourceful opportunists. I haven’t seen any fishermen feeding the birds but as soon as they toss a fish back in the water, the herons swoop in to grab the stunned fish. They don’t seem to be overly afraid of humans but that could be because of that large weapon on their faces. I wouldn’t want to upset one. I have enjoyed watching them and photographing them this winter. My favorite pictures were taken at Alabama Point when I saw a great blue heron impale a pompano fish. If that wasn’t a site to see, another great blue heron wanted that fish and there was a confrontation.

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